AMM's dynamic ad-insertion allows you to create additional advertising space on TV and all other screens. Pre- and mid-rolls on TV become reality. Wasted ad-space on time-shifted TV creates a new marketplace. The same TV ad-space can be sold to more than one client at higher CPM rates - in the same way that you're already familiar with in your internet offering.

All ads are inserted on the server. Real-time and automatically – according to your business logic.

serverside ad-insertion

Insert ads at any point of the video

Advertise in a targeted and personalized manner

Replace existing broadcasted ads

Update ads in time-shift and Network DVR

Videoplayer independent

Automatic and in real-time

Eliminate waiting times or buffering

Obviate client integration

Ad-blockers don't work

Restrict fast-forwarding

Insert ads during fast-forwarding

Get all statistics of delivered ads


Dynamic targeted ad-insertion

How it works



AMM StreamTech's dynamic ad-insertion is a new server-side ad-stitching method that works the same way for all distribution channels (IPTV, cable, OTT) and end devices whether it be linear TV or VoD. The Ads are seamlessly inserted into the native content stream.

The insertion points can be signalized in various ways at any point in the stream: the ads are inserted frame-accurately. If existing ad-blocks are signalized (e.g. SCTE), they can be automatically replaced.


The insertion is done just-in-time (JIT) in the transmultiplexing process. This allows targeted, even personalized delivery of ads within every single requested TV- or videostream.

In real-time

The insertion works in real-time. This allows the use of programmatic ad-selling mechanisms, like real-time-bidding for all forms of video distribution, even for linear TV.

Dynamic targeted ad-insertion


AMM supports multiple ways of signaling ads:


The most common inline signalization is SCTE, a widely adopted standard for inserting cue points into a TV signal.


If no other signalization is available or desired, time-based insertion can be employed (e.g. every 10 minutes, Sunday at 08:00pm, ...).


Event based insertion is triggered by internal or external events (e.g. Zapping, Seeking, ...).

Customized interfaces

Customized signalization over HTTP.

SCTE signalization

Targeting for linear TV

With AMM StreamTech the internet targeting mechanisms can be used for linear TV and any form of unicasted TV- and video-distribution.

Ads are inserted on the fly into the individual content stream during the transmultiplexing process.

Every single stream can contain different ads, which enables an unlimited number of possible target-groups. It's the same process for TV and internet video streaming.

No additional hardware is needed; it's a pure software solution that is fully scalable in a cloud environment.



New monetization opportunities


Internet advertising mechanisms for TV

AMM's ad-insertion brings internet marketing mechanisms to linear TV and all screens:

  • Programmatic ad-selling
  • Real-time-bidding
  • Targeting
  • Frequency capping / boosting

The AMM Platform creates more - and more valuable - advertising space by inserting or replacing video ads in a data-driven and fully automated manner in linear/live TV and on-demand video.

New monetization opportunities

Advertising interfaces

AMM's ad-insertion provides a flexible, customizable interface to connect third party functionality to the platform. With this interfaces it's possible to integrate:

  • Ad-servers
  • Targeting servers
  • Recommendation engines

AMM's platform gathers relevant user behavioral statistics that can be fed back to improve targeting and recommendations.

Ad-tech interfaces