AMM StreamTech provides an enterprise-grade TV- and video-platform with dynamic targeted ad-insertion for IPTV-, cable and OTT multiscreen distribution. The AMM Grid is a cloud enabled just-in-time transmultiplexing and storage software, built from scratch for enabling advanced IPTV features like seamless time- and place-shifting, VoD and nPVR (private or shared copy) in the most efficient way. The AMM Dynamic Ad-Insertion is a new frame accurate, server-side ad stitching method in real-time. For the first time the internet advertising mechanisms like programmatic ad-selling and targeting can be used in linear TV!

  • Simplify multi-screen TV and video delivery:

    AMM's streaming platform solution distributes adaptive media to common devices and handsets in a single, unified process - live, time-shifted, on-demand, and even in UHDTV.

  • Revolutionize TV and video advertising:

    With AMM's server-side dynamic ad-insertion, we bring the same TV-like advertising experience to all screens in a targeted manner and inserted in real-time.

  • Offer more and better features while saving money

    In the most cost-efficient way, the AMM streaming platform provides seamless time-shifting, real place-shifting and numerous other advanced IPTV features.